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LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine

LG FH4U2VCN2 - Wasmachine

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  • Merk: LG| Barcode: 8806087495539


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TurboWash integrates the jet spray feature to help significantly reduce washing times, create energy savings and deliver cleaner clothes. Spraying water directly on to fabrics for 120 seconds, the jet spray enhances the exceptional washing and rinsing performance of 6 Motion Direct Drive technology and enables TurboWash to fast forward an entire washing cycle.
TurboWash enables not only the regular washing programme to finish in 59 minutes but also create impressive energy savings and maintain washing performance. LG TurboWash reduces energy consumption by up to 15% and water consumption by up to 40%. Faster, clean and lower energy bills.
Due to its design and unique to LG, 6 Motion Direct Drive is able to perform various drum motions or a combination of different motions depending on the wash programme selected. Combined with a controlled spin speed and the ability of the drum to rotate both left and right, the wash performance of the machine is greatly improved, giving you perfect results every time.
Leading the way for a quieter, cleaner wash No belt and pulley: - Less Noise - Saves Energy - Larger Capacity - Increased Durability By eliminating its belt and pulley, LG’s Inverter Direct Drive System increases the motor’s efficiency - thus cutting back on energy use and makes it less susceptible to breakdowns. The simplified system helps reduce noise levels as well. The direct drive motor that runs our washing machines is reliable as well as quiet. We guarantee it won’t let you down. In fact, we trust it so much that all machines come with a 10 year warranty on the motor and all its parts as standard - even though there’s nothing standard about it.
Smart Diagnosis & NFC
Tag On Using NFC tagging technology, the user can download new washing programs such as Wool, Baby Care and Cold Wash. Then, they can then apply these programs simply by touching their smartphone to the NFC Tag On symbol on the washing machine. Smart Diagnosis™ Moreover, NFC technology is also used in the Smart Diagnosis™ feature, which helps the user to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot almost any minor issue before it becomes a bigger problem. *NFC Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, usually no more than a few inches.


Fabrieksgarantie 2 jaar
Service type On-site repair
Waterbeveiliging Ja
Type waterbeveiliging Aquastop (slangbeveiliging)
Plaatsing droger bovenop mogelijk Ja
Type motor Koolborstelloze motor
Energieklasse A+++
Energieverbruik per jaar 152 kWh
Energiekosten per jaar € 139
Waterverbruik per jaar 9000 L
Energiebesparingsfunctie Ja
Warmwateraansluiting Nee
Wascapaciteit 9 kg
Wasresultaat Klasse A
Geluidsniveau wassen 53 dB
Maximale wastemperatuur 95 °C
Aantal programma's 15
Algemene wasprogramma's Korte was (+/- 60 min) | Donker textiel / jeans | Wol | Fijne was | Koud
Duur wascyclus standaard programma 90 minuten
Droogresultaat Klasse A
Toerental centrifuge 1400 tpm
Toerental instelbaar Ja
Geluidsniveau centrifugeren 74 dB
Slimme functies Beladingssensor | Watersensor | Trommelreiniging
Geluidssignaal Nee
Trommelverlichting Nee
Type lader Voorlader
Materiaal trommel RVS
Kleur wit
Afmetingen zonder verpakking (b x h x d) 60 x 85 x 58 cm
Merk LG
Artikelnummer 8806087495539
Aantal wasprogramma's 15
Control Through Mobile App Ja
Diameter vulopening Large (34 cm en groter)
Domotica platform Alexa amazon
Extra garantie 10 jaar garantie op de motor
Geschikt voor professioneel gebruik Nee
Gewicht sensor Ja
Heeft anti-kreuk fase Ja
Indicatie reinigingsbeurt Nee
Kinderslot Ja
Koolborstelloze motor Ja
Optie wasprogramma verkorten Ja, verkorte versie reguliere programma's mogelijk
Stand display Recht
Standaard meegeleverd Aanvoerslang , Afvoerslang , Handleiding
Taal bedieningspaneel Nederlands
Trommelreinigingsprogramma Nee
Tussentijds was toevoegen Nee, tussentijds was toevoegen niet mogelijk
Type wasuitstel Einduitstel
Uitgesteld start Ja
Wasmachine opties mobiele app Storinganalyse


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